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How the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses will affect the signs...How the Pluto/Capricorn

conjunction will affect the signs in 2019  



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To know where this major ending/major new beginning takes place in your chart, look to approximately the 20-30 degree range of Capricorn.  Where is that in your chart?  What does it oppose?  What things are 90 degrees away (squares)?  These will be where the most changes will occur.  Make no mistake, this will change the lives of EVERYONE, but Capricorns and Cancers (mid-to-late) will have the biggest changes, followed by Ariens and Libras.  Take the high road, guys.

The following shows the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Capricorn/Cancer eclipses and how they will affect YOU, by Sun sign.  If you have other planets or your rising sign in these areas, you will be affected as well.

Aries: Rams need to take control of the wheel this year—no more pouting allowed.  Get with the program, and take action to CHANGE YOUR CAREER. It’s official.  What you have been doing hasn’t been working.  I know you may find it hard to put your nose to the grindstone, so you think you’ve already been doing that, but change is coming, bubba!  You need to change your career, your money, your financial arrangements, and maybe even your home.  The gig is up.  The family situation has changed, so you need a home makeover as well as a job makeover.  Guys, the time for extravagance is OVER.  Your personal resources are going to change, so this might be a good time to get OUT of stocks and into something dependable.

Taurus: If you like being settled, well, pack your bags.  Get your money in a safe place, have a bag packed ready to go, and be ready to move.  Your thought processes, your beliefs, and your schooling needs to change.  You need to be even more thrifty than you naturally are; fortunately, you are well-equipped to do-it-yourself, whether it’s to make your own clothes or grow you own food, but what is going to throw you is the lake of steadiness, the lack of something or someone to depend on.  Learn to make do, and do yourself.  Make like a boy scout, and be prepared.  While you might not like change, you are the only one uniquely able to cope with it. 

Gemini:  Move now while you can, especially to be with a partner, because you will need one for money.  Jobs and monies may be scarce, but at least you are the type either to have more than one job or finagle one from someone using your charm.  Your monies need to change, and the way you usually do that is by hooking up with someone, but that won’t last more than a year this time.  So you could just have a temp (job/partner), then see what tomorrow brings, but aren’t you tired yet of living on the sly?  You need to think seriously about your future, money wise, so buck up and work something out, even if it is an investment plan.  Expect change there, but so, that’s not a stranger to you, is it?  Maybe you will see it as fun.  Surfing, anyone?

Cancer: A partnership will change your life.  This is a commitment for love or money that may take you to far distances or bring a foreigner to you, but the end result is settling in for a more traditional lifestyle, and this one will be different.  Cancer is already fairly traditional, but this one will turn your head—and life—around.  Are you ready?  You career is upended and will offer constant adventure, but your home life will bring balance and partnership, which Cancer likes a whole bunch!  You win the prize for luck and adventure this time!

Leo: Leos may be feeling monetarily vulnerable, so they need to get with the program and get to work on changing everything involving money, home, will, investment, government, health care, insurance—all that stuff that affects material possessions, because that world is going to change for you, so get ready!  How are you going to prepare?  What you thought was solid is a house of cards, so how will you fix that?  You need to do something now, before next year.  Start working on that now.  If you need a break, take a trip abroad for some fun to lighten your load for a bit, but don’t play too long or spend too much money.  The situation is still serious and needs to be handled as such.

Virgo: Partners leave you wounded and in doubt, so this is where y’all need to have faith and forgiveness.  Your 5th house of kids and creative projects is what’s changing ultimately for you, and this will change your life.  Are you going to have an empty nest?  Or are you adopting?  Nevertheless, there is something big about to happen in that area that will change your life and bring in a new era.  So, buckle up, and buckle down.  There is also the option—either to move, to buy a new or bigger house, or add on.  The home environment enlarges and offers opportunity.  You will find that what you thought you believed in requires adjustment.  This will bring ah-ha moments over the long haul of a more practical nature, so if you haven’t been practical enough already, this will do it.

Libra: The home is the area of transformation.  You need to trade shells like a horseshoe crab—or at least re-do the whole dang thing. It won’t be easy.  Your home life is bound to change, and I’m not just talking about a job or lifestyle change.  The home situation is about to reconfigure dramatically.  Pack some bags and lighten your load.  You may not have to move this year, but say so long in 2020, so you might as well start throwing out, redistributing, and doing some preliminary shedding this year.  You can deny it all you want; denial won’t change things.  This will turn out for the better, so might as well be thinking of what needs to go now.  Is it you?

Scorpio: With money factors changing and you being forced into a certain kind of independence, your area of change is communication and/or issues with siblings.  Do you need to stay in touch, make some plans, change your manner of information-sharing, come together on an agreement, do some practical stuff together?  Might as well buckle down and make some decisions and know where everyone stands.  If you need contracts or wills or other kinds of decisions squared away between you, then take care of it.  As I said, this is a time for some ugly work, insurance, wills, paperwork, and important tete-a-tete decisions among you.  If you don’t have siblings, you may need to seek others to help you handle basics—your lawyer or insurance agent or real estate agent.  Work it out.  Get everything in writing, y’all!

You may have been rolling in the dough –or experiencing a pleasant expansion of resources and /or travel opps, but your major ending/major new beginning will be in your resource area, so make sure your monies are where you want them and that they are protected.  This is indeed a time to save.  The question is, where to keep everything?  You may want to dig a hole in the backyard, as long as you don’t live in California or Oklahoma.  Maybe put your investment in art or gold or real estate.  Be practical, remember!  This is not a time to be a spendthrift!  This is a time to be specific and to have a strategy for your future, because your resources are going to change, for sure.  How will you make this happen?  With Saturn and Pluto in the mix, the lottery is not a likely possibility for you.  Get some sticky hands, a plan, and hold on!

Capricorn:  Well, the world is your oyster, Sea-Goat.  Since you are disciplined and sensible-headed, this set of aspects will be just up your alley.  Apply yourself in your typical way, and your life will change, 100%.  But don’t let Saturn on your Sun get you down, which it can sometimes do.  Let it spur you on to focus more and get everything ordered and orderly for The Big Change.  If you do get the blues, put your nose to the grindstone and count down how long it will take for Saturn to get off your Sun.  Keep a running total on your calendar, so you can cross off the days and see your load being gradually lightened.  I’m not saying change will be easy—not even for you, normally so comfy with Saturnine energies.  When you feel blue, put aside your stubbornness and phone a friend.  Once Saturn gets off your Sun, you’ll feel lighter, and you’ll be able to survey and assess the work you have done to transform your life into something better.   You deserve it!  (For some of you, marriage or some other karmic relationship/situation is in the cards.)

Aquarius: If you feel the winds of change within you, Waterboy & Watergirl, or you feel an inner heaviness making a fundamental change in you, then know that it will be okay.  This is the time for weeding, even if it’s winter.  Weed out those things in your life you no longer want or need.  Separate yourself from those you no longer need.  Something has happened or is happening that will change how you view life.  A new dawn begins.  If the heaviness of the Saturn/Pluto in Cap is too heavy for you, take a trip far away for adventure and entertainment.  Go see siblings to regain a sense of family.  Aquarians already feel disconnected, and now you may feel especially so, but this new era will make you stronger and wiser and gives you greater depth.  This is a time for inner discipline and making room inside yourself for new ideas to grow.

Pisces: You need to make your play, your work.  You need to attend to that work/play with an industriousness that shows your all or nothing nature.  Give your all to this, and it could just be your ticket.  New job offers and adventure are coming your way, bringing inconsistent money, but money nonetheless.  Get with the program.  If your art or music is your thing, put your heart and soul into it, and this could be the break for which you have waited all your life.  The discipline is worth it as long as you love it, and you will see that, as long as you apply yourself, it will make all the difference in your future.  Not kidding.