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The Unfolding of the Aquarian Age - 2020

2019 began a slow transformation towards the coming Aquarian age. You can liken it to a caterpillar weaving its cocoon, painfully enclosing itself, only to find the emergence from the chrysalis state even more difficult and painful.  This butterfly is going to pay its dues—after a couple of years of unfolding.  There has been some talk of the Cancer/Capricorn nodes—in addition to the challenging aspects opposing/squaring the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn—offering indications as to where we as a planet are headed—towards the feminine and nurturing—away from greed and large business interests and institutions.  But the transition is heart-breakingly snail-like in its progression, and like a snail, leaves its unfortunate residue on us all.  The patriarchy and powerful will not give up their thrones without a fight. 

Astrologers have been discussing this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn well before the duo moved into close proximity, and now that we are in the thick of it, some stories are getting more dire.  Yet, change and transformation must come, and the caterpillar must become a butterfly—no matter how long it takes—or what the powers-that-be do to try to stop it.  The only rule is that there are no rules, and all rules are subject to change.  History, while often leaving behind a trail of bodies, does—at least, in spirit—move toward goodness and fairness, even if the news tries to bombard us with the bad stuff.  And so, 2020 begins—after we have tried to start getting our ducks in a row, getting prepared for change with some logical, practical, safe-keeping measures—and some spiritual practices to keep us centered and focused on the outcome.  The butterfly will unfold and fly, and she'll be beautiful, but there are always those out there with a Round-Up bottle in hand. 

As 2020 begins, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Pluto all crowd together, with Jupiter spouting down-to-earth idealisms (in other words—"here's what is possible, from a practical level, so let's do this!") and Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, controlling the avenues of change.  Those who have planets in late Capricorn/Cancer and Aries/Libra will be most affected.  The pressure of Saturn and Pluto together will be intense, despite those trying to make lemonade out of the lemons.  Saturn is heavy and depresses, oppresses, and suppresses.  Pluto intensifies or separates.  In the case of this duo together, if you do nothing—nothing at all—expect to go SPLAT.  If you discipline yourself in some practical way, you can make headway for change and be somewhat prepared, like the Boy Scouts counsel.  As Jupiter enters Sagittarius on the 3rd of January—ending our Scorpionic travels through the bowels of sh**dom, any hidden news will come out and become apparent for all to see. This coincides with the Mercury connection to Jupiter, which releases factual information.  The good news is, all slow planets are past the dregs of Scorpio and will not be returning for YEARS, yay!  (Jupiter won't return for 9-10 years; Saturn won't return for 20-21 years, and Pluto won't ever get there in our lifetimes.)    This is not a personal statement against Scorpios, it's just that we've had enough of the sex and lies, lies about sex, et al.  When Pluto entered Sag (leaving behind Scorpio) in the 90s, Clinton's dirty laundry got hung out for all to see.  Expect the same here. You can't hide forever.  (Somebody else has saved a dress!) 

I'll admit, there are still some lies floating around—after all, Neptune is in Pisces, and in late January/early February, both Mercury and Venus swim through those murky waters, but watch the middle of March as our Capricornian conglomerate gets hit with Moon & Mars. Mars will offer a smackdown on or around March 18/19 and then will proceed to knock over the dominoes of Pluto and Saturn.  Some folks will cry foul, and some will plead ignorance, but the sun will shine on the pain of leaders, and I don't think there will be much smiling.  (Isn't that when Bolton's book comes out?) 

In late March, we will get an inkling of what 2021 will bring, as Saturn moves into Aquarius for a testing of the waters.  Aquarius is the group—and a rebellious group it is—a bunch of unique individuals—a little odd—but they can unify when they want to—I expect they may get a little rowdy, and the powers-that-be will move to control them—because that is what Saturn does.  However, if the crowd has disciplined themselves in their furor, they can win the day. As Mars joins the fray on the last day of March 31, we may see battles and unfortunate incidents.  Mars, after all, is a warrior, not a sweet pie.  So, get ready. 

From a personal standpoint, here is how to handle the change: if you find that you lose or leave your job (or the party)—or your house—or your business—use Mars to get up and take action.  If you need to fight, fight.  But better would be to look ahead to the change that is coming in 2021 and the new Aquarian Age, where we need to take action for the group, for the community, and perhaps take on a new kind of job, a new place to live, a new way to live.  This is the shake-up we were waiting for, and how we react will tell all as to where our new pathway will take us.  We can revolt, or we can join together.  We can evolve and experience our new selves, as the slowly emerging butterfly.  Save your money and then put it where it counts—not in imaginary bank accounts or metals you can't spend.  The world is changing in ways you can't even comprehend.  Better get on board the Change Train.  Watch for new technologies, crashes of certain institutions, and new ways of doing things.  Remember that in the late 90s, we were just starting to use computers at home.  Remember that there were no I-phones until 2007!!!  Our world is going to change more quickly even than that, so be ready to shift with that wind, Butterfly!  Your old job/house/way of doing things is going bye-bye. After a few planets dip their toes into Aquarius, some will retrograde back into Capricorn for us to finish off what needs to be gone for once and for all. (June/July) 

Now let's talk about the many other retrogrades occurring this year which will make the butterfly birthing so hard.  Eclipses—and we had one at Christmas 2019 and one on January 10th, usually take 6 months for us to see the results.  They are often said to purge us of stuff. (Cancer: bad diet, toxic family, hoarded belongings in the home. Capricorn: awful job, addiction to money or workaholism, connection to stuffy/traditional institutions)  But just as the 6 months turns up, when we are seeing more clearly (we think!) and we think we can get going, Mars—the planet of ACTION and BUSINESS and yes, WAR, will go retrograde.  So, there's good news and bad news.  Bad news is, we'll get stuck in the mud, won't be able to get things done.  Mud prevails.  AS the Mars retrograde continues from September 8 through November 13, you can guarantee that the elections will be fu*ked; yes, I said it, and in addition, Mars won't be out of the shadow until January 2, 2021, so we really can't get out of the damn cocoon until 2021.  This must be the longest-gestating baby ever birthed!  In addition, Mars will be retrograding in its own warrior sign of ARIES. So, expect a never-ending parade of daily impulsive fights and squabbles and maybe some sex talk, too.  Those starting new businesses need to be patient and trudge onward through the mud, even if it's being slung at you.  Keep going!  You'll end up clean when the Water-bearer gets here in 2021 to give you a wash down!  Keep your integrity and focus, if nothing else!  Set your goals, and never give up!  (The elections may not be settled until, because Mars retro promises shenanigans.) Please know that in 2021, the revolution IS gonna come.  Which side are you on?  Patriots, get your three corner hats out!  The 2021 state of the union address will be wild! 

Okay, the Mars retrograde is a biggie, but along the way, we have three Mercury retrogrades, a Venus retrograde in Gemini, (ugh!  Par for the course in an election year! 😉  and the yearly Jupiter retrograde.  I don't sweat the larger retrogrades, unless they are moving over one of YOUR personal planets—or if they are in an exact aspect, then they may have something big to say.  If you need to know if any are affecting you, get a reading. Late Caps have the Saturn/Pluto pile-up. Mid-Pisces have been in the fog for a few years anyway.  Early Tauruses have been calling me for readings, due to sudden upheaval in their normally grounded lives.  They need to get used to living in an earthquake zone.  We all do, to some degree.  Mercury retrogrades 3 times, as usual.  February 16-March 9 – mostly Pisces but dips into Aquarius.  June 18-July 11 – all Cancer. October 14-November 2 – Scorpio to Libra.

Remember that Mercury can cause technical screw-ups, delays and people flat not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Dang! Miscommunication can be intentional or not.  The first one in Pisces is just a confusing mess, because Pisces is so unclear in the first place.  Pisces is a rather holistic sign, grouping everything into one big ocean and assuming everyone knows the score—and you know what they say about assuming, right? While some clarity is possible in the second week of March, the Sun & Neptune get together for an Obfuscation Party, so expect to be dazed and confused until Merc gets into Aries first week of April.  There will be some straight-shootin' talk, then!  Plans for separation can be discussed at that point and may be put into action.  Remember, everyone is about to clear something out.  Really!  Talk down and dirty about methodology and logistics in May. 

But just as you think you've got all your plans made, the Used Car Salesperson in your life, also known as the Snake Oil Seller—will show up—maybe two or more of them—to charm their ways into your heart, and you had better find out where that mess is goin' down in your chart—who is  coming in?  This is occurring, due to the influence of Venus retrograde in Gemini, causing some untrustworthy charmers to slide themselves into our lives.  Eek!  Beware!  Aries gets new siblings—or a sibling comes to visit.  Taurus gets a shyster—don't give out money during the period of May 13 to January 29.  DON'T.  Gemini gets conned or does the conning—this is your retrograde after all, Twins! Cancer—the lies are all in your heads—give up your conspiracy theories!  Leo, who can you trust if you can't trust your friends?  Well, don't! 😉 Virgos has trouble communicating at work.  Libras, like Cancers, are being given a line by some group.  Stay off Facebook and YouTube, people!  Look at what's real.  Check ALL sources!  Scorpio needs to put ears to the ground for company funny business—if offered a new job, question, question!  Don't commit.  During Mercury Retrograde, it's common for folks to make jobs sound better than they really are, and this Venus Retro is in GEMINI and so ruled by Mercury, after all.  Sag folks are getting some new partners, but I'm just saying, don't trust them!  They will be charming and fun but probably will depart at end of June.  Caps won't be getting the full story at work and maybe from the doctor.  Get more than one opinion, AFTER the retrograde is over and Merc is in Aquarius.  Aquarians get some new kids and projects—the kids won't hang around too long, and the project may not get off the ground—too flaky.  Try again next year.  Pisces, don't be talked into getting a new home—although I will say, some mystery family members could show up.  I've already seen and 23 & Me bringing in formerly secret families!  This energy is ALREADY happening!  Add to this a Sagittarian lunar eclipse (almost as shady) on June 5th and a solar eclipse in Cancer on the summer solstice (June 21) and there could be some mind-boggling relationship situations going down in early summer.  

There is no way to be prepared for this, so this is what I always say with a Venus retrograde, ESPECIALLY one in Gemini—1. Don't give anyone money.  2. Don't sign your name or co-sign anything. 3. Don't believe anyone. 😉 4. Take everything with a grain of salt. 5.  Don't get attached, because they WILL leave when the retrograde is over, and sometimes, they ghost you.  6. HAVE FUN, LIGHT-HEARTED FUN!  7. Enjoy the fling, because that’s all it is!  Because they will be fun and charming and amazing!  And finally, 8. Let them go!  Say bye and don't expect them to stay in touch.  This is not that kind of energy.  This is flaky, floofy, fun energy.  Nothing more.  So, enjoy it, be flattered, be entertained, but believe none of it!!!  Sorry!  Just trying to save you some pain! 

As always, Venus ends its retrograde with Mercury also being retrograde.  This is almost always true, so this is one reason folks always get ghosted at the end of a Venus Retrograde—because Mercury—communication—goes awry as well.  Mercury will retrograde in Cancer, an indicator that a family member or old friend or loved one will return, and since Venus will technically still be in its forward shadow of Gemini—there still could be more than one hanger-on around you.  Still, communication will be screwy because of FEELINGS (moony Cancer) and old memories clouding the issue.  A reminder that the retrogrades always call confusion that does not get squared away until it goes direct. Re-read my rules of Venus retrogrades above.  The good news is, as the Moon joins forward-moving Merc in Cancer in mid-July, some true and honest feelings could be shared with family, friends, and loved ones, and if you are looking for love, take the option of who you have known well.  Better to stick with the devil you know than the con you don't! (Oops! Did I say that? 😉)  This is one reason why I think Dems will go with Biden, rather than someone new—the DNC often makes those kinds of old-fashioned decisions—where is the boldness, Dems?  Maybe both Dems and Repubs need new blood and new parties!!! 

Other retrograde issues show up on May 13—not just Venus going retrograde to the end of June.  A longer-lasting retrograde is Jupiter going retrograde on the same day until September 9th.  While Venus and Jupiter going retro together, bring new wingnuts and maybe new flaky opportunities—on the bright side, both planets can usher in some new energy for a while—a lighter energy.  Jupiter will have advanced into Aquarius along with Saturn to give us a taste of the coming Aquarian Age in the spring, but as of May 13, Jupiter takes a hike and eventually segues back into traditional old Capricorn again. Just when we think we're getting something new, we get the rug pulled out from under us and we're back to square one.   Look for new technologies being discussed and then reconsidered as not feasible.  It's okay—those insights and tech surprises will come back aplenty in 2021.  Not to worry!  But it is true that when Jupiter goes retrograde, an opportunity can go south—or you may choose an opportunity that will only last till September—or you can take a new job and go into training for 4 months.  This last one is the best option—use the Jupiter retrograde to solidify or get comfy with the new opportunity, although it may seem a bit alien to you at first.  I've seen this happen a lot.  Just do not expect the summertime to be great for business necessarily.  This will just be business as usual—nothing to get excited about.  Don't be disappointed; just, onward, ho!  By the time this retrograde is over, Mars will go retro, sucking you into its retrograde quicksand. You won't be able to get much done in the fall, until Thanksgiving time.  

I will reiterate: Mercury retrograde is to teach you patience—let go!  Mars retrograde is to teach you persistence—push onward—one step forward, two steps back, but still onward!  Venus retrograde is to teach you to be wary and not commit until sure—and 2-3 months is NEVER enough!  Also, it's to teach you to look for red flags.  Solution: take no one seriously at that time.  So, lighten up, and let go!  Don't get attached!

Saturn too will retrograde from May 10-September 29.  From Aquarius (a second home for old-time ruler Saturn) back into home base Capricorn he goes, to help you clean up the karma and crumbs form the last two and a half years. Sweep 'em up!  Get rid of 'em, for once and for all.  Mr. Opportunity Jupiter and Severe Piano Teacher Saturn will hold hands exactly on the winter solstice to leap into the Aquarian Age for good.  Merry Christmas, Butterfly!  You'll be a Christmas baby, just like Jesus!


 ​​Happy New Year 2019

2019 is a three year and gives us an opportunity to create something out of the lemon 11 that was 2018.  Some of the slower planets that put their toes into the next sign to test the waters last summer will find new decade-long homes after years of folks feeling victimized.  Some of those planets will upset the applecart, keeping us on our toes, instead of testing.  There will be some opportunity for grounding, due to the presence of Saturn in earthy Capricorn for at least two more years—holding us down like a kite runner—and thanks to Pluto’s enduring transformation of the earth, maybe literally, upon which we walk until 2024.  At year’s end of 2019, Jupiter will expand both monetary growth possibilities and probably government—sorry, GOP!  Institutional growth and new technology are coming our way in the 20’s, so we may be roaring again in a new millennium.

Mars harkens in the new year by returning to his own sign of Aries.  This is good news for those out of work or with dragging energy.  Mars is happy and full of verve in his own sign and hyper-idealistic. Only problem is, he doesn’t have a lot of staying power.  Known for his impulsivity and directive qualities, Aries tends to be bossy, which doesn’t necessarily get things done.  You need the village, right?  And Uranus, on his way to a re-run of the exciting summertime 2018 upheaval,(but for the long haul) will create an ever-changing field on which to play.  Should be an interesting ball game, at least!  The good news is, we begin the year with 4 planets in their home fields: Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. These planets are cozy there and at their greatest aid to us there, as long as their aspects to OUR home planets don’t have a “bad-billiards” set-up. 

The year begins with a kite formation including the trines of Mars with Venus in late Scorpio and the North Node in Cancer, with the head of the kite being South Node Capricorn.  Technically, this is a water trine that will then extinguish Mars in Pisces influences as Mars moves into fiery Aries.  Still, this kite configuration at the year’s end/new year’s entrance has some important info to offer.  The head of the kite is South Node in Capricorn, which is what we have experienced before and what we are leaving behind.  As we are gradually going to be leaving Capricorn stuff behind, I feel like these nodes, on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, are leading us out of the patriarchy or at least the world of Scrooge—where materialism, privilege, and social status are important—to one where caring and nurturing, more akin to a matriarchy, is important.  As this nodal axis will only be there for about a year and a half, you can see this is just an introduction to such energies, which the Capricorn stellium in upcoming years will make an effort to challenge.  This battle will play out powerfully in the 2020 election, and we will see major challenges beginning in December 2019.  We have already seen #MeToo and #FamiliesBelongTogether movements.  These are only hints of what’s to come in the Cancer/Capricorn balancing of power.  Note that, in the kite, Mars & Venus are part of it—a classic Adam & Eve metaphor—or more aptly, Adam vs. Lilith.  Get with the program, Adam!

Pluto transforms, and so the lesson it teaches is, transform, rise above, or get cut off at the knees, basically.  Pluto, even in one of its glyphs, reminds me of a scythe.  You must change, you must do better, or lose everything.  There is always a choice.  Pluto is here to ultimately elevate us to a higher spiritual level, give us the option to act and choose consciously, with souls in mind, instead of selfishly or out of mindless emotional reaction and pettiness.  If you don’t rise above and become your better self, woe unto you!  We ARE here to evolve, after all, and no better sign in which to do it than the sign of the fish-becoming-goat.  Is that not an appropriate metaphor for the spiritual becoming material—and even greedy? (and then, hopefully, finding a balance of both?)(well, no greed) Maybe Goat, much as I love him, needs to have some feelings.  That is the lesson, after all, of this nodal pattern and the eclipse patterns for this year as well.

Speaking of eclipses, we have our first as a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5, on the New Moon.  Since eclipses have an influence for about 6 months, this is a perfect opportunity to make some new year’s resolutions and habits that will stick.  Part of that is Saturn’s influence, also in Cap, because Saturn helps us work diligently and practice, accomplish, dig in, and buckle down.  There is no better sign for losing weight or exercise training or learning a new language, hobby, or artistic/musical discipline.  Saturn in Capricorn is the ideal candidate for helping us get our ducks in a row, save money, invest, accomplish those more unpleasant tasks of life.  Make your I-don’t-want-to-do-this Bucket List, folks, and do it now while you still have Saturn pressuring you.  With Saturn, here’s the rub: you must do what he says to do, or he slaps you down.  Saturn is heavy, so if you go with the flow, you will use his pressure to accomplish.  If you don’t, well, you’ll just get squished, and that’s messy.  So, get with the program, and use Saturn to help you do things like get your health and money, will, business, and education in order.  Do it.  You won’t regret it.  With the New Moon there, helping you get started, as all new Moons are wont to do, now’s the time!  You will feel the results in June and July, thanks to the eclipse.  Signs most affected with be mid-Capricorns and Cancers, as well as, to a lesser—or more challenging aspect, Ariens and Libras.  The choices you make and the actions you take now have far-reaching effects—not just in six months, but for decades.  That’s how important this is, y’all.  The beginning of January is all about the nuts and bolts of living, so be practical, no airy-fairy stuff as we begin the new year.  It’s all down and dirty, and that’s all right, and, for now, as it should be.  Use the week following the eclipse to run around and do your errands and get balls rolling.  Be disciplined, ask questions, read fine print, as Saturn connecting with Mercury reminds us to be careful of contracts, dates, tickets, and promises promises.  Get it in writing, folks!  This isn’t a retrograde, but with some square aspects present, there could be difficulties, so just make sure stuff is exactly the way you want it!

There is a second eclipse, a total lunar one, in Cancer on January 20.  The moon being what it is, and Cancer being what she is, that should be an emotional one, so make sure you have tissues in the house.  Is someone leaving, or is someone arriving?  With this eclipse hitting Mercury/Pluto (an intensification or cutting off of communication) that comes suddenly (square Uranus) with Jupiter/Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces in the mix (love is coming or going from afar—which is it? Are you in the know, or is it a surprise?) you may be crying tears of sorrow—or hopefully, of joy.  Either way, let your tears and laughter cleanse your soul.  Use your intuition to figure out which it is.

Mars connects with Uranus in Aries in February, as Mars smacks disruptive Uranus with a backhand before both transit into Taurus.  As happened last summer, the masses will rise again—loads of chitchat aimed at GROUPS and SEPARATION, so, yes, we may have to do that song and dance again, some battles and volatility.  February 13th/14th may bring a surprise, and with Venus approaching Saturn (karmic love) and Neptune and Mercury in Pisces in the mix, let’s hope the surprise is a good and loving one from a soul mate.  Don’t forget to ask St. Valentine’s for exactly what you want, folks, or there could be a big MISS in that department.  Perhaps Saint Val’s should be enthroned in jewelry stores, candy stores, and flower shops during this time of year.  New tradition? What do you say, ladies?  Want to sit on Val’s lap?  We could have thousands of Fabios and Bradley Cooper laps upon which to perch in February.  That just might be fun!

Anybody getting married?  Looks like some long-distance loves (or a foreign-born love?) could be making things Capricorn-style official—tradition!!!  This kind of formal commitment energy is hanging around the third week of February, along with a flurry of chaos.  I must point out that a positive expression of Mars/Uranus connections include travel, moving, house cleaning, and special events like marriages, anniversary parties, quinceaneras, etc. so I hope one of those is among your personal chaos.  Chiron moves back into Aries after its fall hiatus in Pisces.  Remember how annoyed (nice word!) everyone got last summer about the kids separated at the border?  Well, hello again, outrage!  We just spent a decade or more, feeling used and victimized and licking our wounds, while Chiron the Wounded Healer was in that most vulnerable of signs, Pisces.  Last summer, when Chiron shortly visited Aries, we heard an outcry of “We’re not going to take it anymore!” and “If I have to do this by myself, I will!”  What we are now seeing is the empowerment of the wounded healer, as he moves into Aries, an action sign and an independent sign.  The unexpected leader arises, the one who is unafraid to go where no one has gone before.  So, look out, world!  We’re BACK!!! This healer/leader/instigator will be with us for about another 9 years; get used to it!  Now’s the time for action, y’all!  What makes you mad?  What ya gonna do about it? Now’s the time.  On the good side, don’t eff with Mother Nature—or Mother, for that matter, or even the downtrodden.  On the other hand, those people who feel THEY have been being abused (privileged folks who realize they don’t have the power they once did and who are worried about losing it to the masses) may offer us a few more rogue crazies who think their actions are saving the world.  Unfortunately, human beings are both good and bad, and some have a twisted idea of hero-ship.  Watch out for them.  Nevertheless, folks won’t take this sh** lying down, either.  So, karma’s a bitch, and no one is exempt.

As February ends, I fear we may all be needing to vent and express our feelings, sorrow, and healing.  This will be necessary as erratic Uranus will head into normally stable Taurus, but the discordant nature of Uranus is not so great in stubborn Taurus, an earth sign ruled by laws of nature.  Of course, the only rule is, all life is subject to change, and so change we will.  Institutions, banks, schools, government and all those things we count on for stability will be upended.  Money markets are in for a rocky ride, so if you thought the end of 2018 was bad, get ready.  Uranus will reside in Taurus until approximately 2027, causing earthquakes and other landslides and probably tsunamis.  We haven’t seen anything yet.  The good news is, Taurus trines all the Capricorn stuff, so the changes must be necessary for transformation.  I do think everything will be online or on cards by 2027, as Uranus moves to Gemini, if not sooner, as Saturn goes into Aquarius and Pluto in Aquarius ushers in the new age of technology.  In this case, look for, much much sooner, breakthroughs in food and gardening technology, a return to the practical and immediate arts and music, and a complete change in how banking and government systems are organized.  Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!  If you are a Taurus (or a Cancer) and don’t want to ride on the tides of change, expect to be swept away, like it or not.  Those holding onto old ways will get buried by the new ways and technology, so prepare to keep up!  Think of it as planting new seeds to help you grow.  Try it out!

As Saturn nears Pluto in late April and early May, prepare for the beginning of something that needs to transform—or end.  What did I say at the beginning of this writing?  Change or die, really.  I’m not completely serious about the “die” part. I just mean, you must accept that there is a major ending and major new beginning coming THIS YEAR that cannot be stopped. Really, there is nothing else to do but accept it.  You may get a little reprieve when Saturn goes retro and backs away from Pluto in late May to October, but as it crosses and touches Pluto in January of next year, we will be pretty clear that IT’s OVER, and we can say “Uncle!” and you know what?  What a relief!!!!  Jupiter and Mars will head into that melee, ringing in the new year 2020 LATE but with a band, and it will be good.  We will all realize that it’s over, and it’s been over.  We can move on.  It will all be okay, I promise.

To know where this major ending/major new beginning takes place in your chart, look to approximately the 20-30 degree range of Capricorn.  Where is that in your chart?  What does it oppose?  What things are 90 degrees away (squares)?  These will be where the most changes will occur.  Make no mistake, this will change the lives of EVERYONE, but Capricorns and Cancers (mid-to-late) will have the biggest changes, followed by Ariens and Libras.  Take the high road, guys.